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Certified to Fight Covid-19 in Commercial Facilities
Dear Business Owner:

With concerns regarding Covid-19, we understand that you want to provide safe work/service areas for your employees, customers, members, students and guests.

Let us clean, sanitize and disinfect your lobby, restrooms, offices, schools, production facilities, and other public and commonly-shared areas.

We take cleanliness very seriously!
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Trained and certified to prevent the spread of Covid-19
Accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating, Exclusive Cleaning Services is trained and certified by the Cleaning Management Institute (CMI) to clean, sanitize and disinfect with the use of various tools, equipment and techniques, including Electrostatic Disinfection Technology, to prevent the spread of germs, allergens, diseases, and Covid-19. Let us help you maintain a safe environment for your residents, employees, customers, and guests.

We clean various types of business facilities
...such as offices, clinics, lobbies, conference rooms, lounges, kitchen/break areas, fitness rooms, restrooms, reception areas, waiting rooms, theaters, auditoriums, churches, senior care facilities, glass panel doors/windows, apartments/rental properties, production facilities, and more.
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We clean 'round-the-clock!
Let us know if you need to schedule one-time or recurring services (daily, weekly or monthly); as well as daytime, evening or night appointments.
Let's talk to provide services that will work around your business schedule.

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Why get a deep clean?
A clean facility projects a good corporate image. Plus, beyond that, a deep cleaning can help to minimize the risk of allergies, illnesses—and Covid-19. A clean, sanitized working environment may also result in fewer absences by your employees, students or members, as well as maintaining a high level of productivity.

What can you expect from ECS?
At Exclusive Cleaning Services, our professional cleaning specialists provide a wide range of commercial cleaning strategies (wiping, scrubbing, dusting, vacuuming, mopping and polishing), as well as sanitizing and disinfecting different surfaces in your facility—from top to bottom, including metal, wood, plastic, fabric and glass surfaces.

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