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What a wonderful gift!
A clean house or business place!

Thank you for choosing Exclusive Cleaning Services   |   (248) 888-7806

"I love the service and I would recommend Exclusive to all my friends."
—Sheila Byrd

"We have been using Exclusive Cleaning Services for our cleaning needs. We are very happy with their service and would recommend them to other prospects."
—Bristol Village Apartments

"Exclusive Cleaning Services is a very professional organization. In our business, it is extremely important that our patients have a clean and comfortable environment. Patients are always asking who cleans our office, and we proudly explain that Exclusive Cleaning Services deserves the credit."
—A One Day Dentures

Looking to give a great gift to a senior citizen, friend or relative in your life? A house or business professionally cleaned by Exclusive Cleaning Services could be the answer.
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(248) 888-7806
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