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Give Your Home the Clean You Deserve
Dear Homeowner/Resident:

Each cleaning request varies. Generally, initial residential cleaning may include dusting and basic cleaning as follows:

  • Patio (or similar area) glass panel door cleaned top to bottom

  • Ceiling fans or blade edges and lights

  • Accessible baseboards wiped down

  • Light switches and door frames wiped down

  • All accessible areas (except areas identified by customer or our assessment)

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Specific service plans are customized based on customer requests and our project assessment of property/room layout, content, furnishings, and other factors, such as buying, selling, moving in, moving out, or presently occupying the premises.

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Cleaning Kitchen Applianc
(refrigerator, stove, microwave, dishwasher, countertop appliances, etc.)

  • Stainless steel Kitchen appliances/sinks cleaned and polished

  • Kitchen appliance exteriors cleaned

  • Upon request: Kitchen appliance (refrigerator, freezer, etc.) interiors cleaned

Cleaning Kitchen Cabinetry (Cabinets/Countertops)

  • Kitchen cabinet doors (exteriors) wiped down

  • Kitchen countertops cleaned

  • Kitchen items (coffee pot, mixer, toaster, etc.) on countertops wiped down and placed back where found

  • Upon request: Empty and clean cabinets and bookshelves


Cleaning Bathroom Furnishings, Floors and Fixtures

  • Bathroom countertops, vanities, tubs, sinks, and toilets cleaned, disinfected and polished

  • Vanities and items on bathroom countertops wiped down and returned where found

  • Towel holders, toilet paper holders, and shelves wiped down and dusted

  • Bathroom floors mopped and rugs vacuumed

  • Shower doors and walls cleaned and disinfected

  • Bathroom cabinet doors wiped down

  • Mirrors and fixtures polished


Cleaning Floors
(carpet, rugs, mats, vinyl, linoleum, tile, laminate and hardwood)

  • Flooring vacuumed underneath "easily moved" furniture that will be returned where found

  • Vinyl, linoleum, laminate and hardwood floors vacuumed and mopped

  • Floor mats and rugs returned to original locations

  • Carpet and rugs vacuumed

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Freshening Beds

  • Upon request: Beds made with fresh bedding provided by customer (Customer must first remove bedding)


Cleaning Entrances and Windows

  • Front door entrance swept

  • Upon request: Back door entrance/porch swept

  • Upon request: Window cleaning


Cleaning/Organizing Garage

  • Upon request: Service subject to preliminary assessment of the property, such as size (1-car or 2-car) and other factors.


Cleaning/Organizing Basement

  • Upon request: Service subject to preliminary assessment of the property.

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